Engwe X26 Review

by David Renier on May 13, 2023

Engwe X26: The Next Generation

No Limits to Off-Road Travel

The powerful motor of Engwe X26 has amazing hill climbing capability and offers you twice the top speed.

The dual battery system of Engwe X26 can help you travel for 57.7 miles range on a single charge. That's enough juice to take you from town to town!


Triple Suspension System


Engwe X26 Review

Smoothest Ride You Ever Experienced

The triple suspension system of Engwe X26 offers you a floating experience. When passing obstacles or poor road conditions at a high speed, the unique triple suspension system ensures you a more comfortable experience of riding, and the bumps you feel are greatly reduced. You can pass railroad tracks, mountains, lawns, gravel roads, and, of course, urban roads easily.


26x4.0 inch Fat Tires


Engwe X26 Review

Go Anywhere Steadily

The motorcycle level fat tires offer the maximum contact for optimal traction, stability and slip resistance. Keeping you safe and steady in sandy, muddy terrains or even snowy weather. And it also allows you to enjoy your beach time.


8 Speed Shimano Gears

Engwe X26 Review

Easily Conquer All Terrain

With Shimano 8 speed gears, the Engwe X26 can use less effort when going uphill and avoid the danger of driving too fast when going downhill. Engwe X26 can flexibly adjust the vehicle's speed or respond to different road conditions. And it can also be versatile, fast, and efficient, making it a fine choice for varied terrains, especially tackling hills.


Cruise Control


Engwe X26 Review


Cruise Control allows you to maintain a set speed without using the accelerator. Once you've selected the speed, you can take your foot off the accelerator and the vehicle will cruise at that speed. The Engwe X26 enters Cruise Control mode when the speed is stable, which frees your fingers and prolongs the battery’s life.

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