Engwe New L20 E-Bike Specifically For Ladies

by David Renier on May 24, 2023

Engwe New L20 E-Bike Specifically For Ladies

Engwe is an up and coming name in the e-bike industry, and has been building its presence across the globe. At present, the company already operates in more than 30 countries, and maintains its headquarters in China. Particularly targeted for European customers, Engwe's e-bikes are all about practicality, efficiency, and accessibility.

Now, just in time for Mother's Day, Engwe has released a new commuter e-bike designed specifically for women. Dubbed the L20, it's a fashionable and easy-to-ride e-bike designed with ladies in mind. It gets a low-slung step-through frame mated to tall handlebars. This gives the rider an upright seating position, promoting better ergonomic efficiency and comfort. 
Ergonomics aside, however, it's easy to tell that the Engwe L20 is more than willing to explore beyond the confines of pavement. Thanks to its fat tires and front suspension, riders can easily tackle gravel roads and light trails – perfect for a weekend of bike-camping, or just exploring the local bike paths. 

In a press release, Engwe explained that the L20 was created in hopes of introducing a new and exciting way to get around the city, and one that's accessible to ladies of all riding backgrounds. "At ENGWE, our mission is to help people find and achieve a new way with short trips, that is why the ENGWE L20 ebike was created. You can enjoy 140km of range in PAS mode, with this incredible ebike, the possibilities are endless - explore farther and discover more with ease."

Diving into the technology a bit further, the Engwe L20 boasts a powerful hub-motor with 250 watts of peak power and a torque rating of 50 Newton-meters. The motor is powered by a rather large lithium battery pack housed just behind the seat tube. According to Engwe, it offers the L20 up to 60 percent more range than other e-bikes, with a single charge of the battery capable of covering up to 140 kilometers (88 miles) in PAS (pedal assist) mode. 

Complementing the impressive powertrain is a Shimano seven-speed drivetrain allowing you to pedal seamlessly alongside the electric motor. There's also a front basket and sturdy rear luggage rack so you can easily transport your daily essentials, with room to spare for some grocery shopping. 

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