ENGWE S6, power and comfort in a very affordable scooter

by David Renier on June 12, 2023

ENGWE S6, power and comfort in a very affordable scooter

engwe s6

Engwe S6 It is an electric scooter whose proposal is practically unbeatable in its respective market segment. For around 600 euros, this e-scooter offers a 500W motor capable of traveling at 45KM/h, but that’s not all, since in addition to being fast and affordable, the scooter is very comfortable, something that can be attributed to it. to its 10-inch all-terrain tires in combination with the triple damping system. On top of that, it offers a pretty decent range of 60KM and performance that we just don’t see every day in this price range. For more details, we invite you to continue reading this review.

On the other hand, those who prefer to travel by bicycle will find in the ENGWE X26 a better option, especially if your goal is to travel difficult roads.


This is a robust electric scooter with a folding design, which also has a seat to travel seated. Naturally, we can remove the latter if we prefer to travel standing up or have to comply with the regulations. That being said, the scooter has a solid and wide base, which is also adorned by LED lights on the sides (its function is merely aesthetic).

ENGWE S6 - Design

As you can see, this scooter rides on 10-inch wide tires with off-road anti-slip design. They are great as they provide excellent traction and cushioning on almost any type of road, but they do not exactly make the ENGWE S6 an all-terrain scooter.

We can’t get past the fact that it’s a folding scooter. While this is something we would expect from any self-respecting scooter, the ENGWE S6 takes it to the next level by not only bending at the base of the stem tube, but also bending on the right handlebar, on the stem tube. seat and just under the saddle. It goes without saying that this makes things easy for us when it comes to storing it or carrying it by hand.

engwe s6

Enlightenment is ready, for there is not only a rear LED headlight but also a rear brake light with reflective properties.

As you would expect, the scooter has a circular screen to display current speed, battery, and other relevant data.

However, not everything is rosy with this model, and in his particular case the clamp that prevents the handlebars from going up and down does not maintain the alignment between the handlebars and the front wheel. This problem can be mitigated by tightening the clamp very well. Another aspect that we can criticize to a certain extent is its weight, which is 25KG, so it will not be very easy for everyone to carry.

engine and features

The ENGWE S6 is powered by a Competent 500W motor with 700W peak power which allows the scooter to move at a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour, so indeed, it is a fast model. This scooter does not offer changes, but it does offer 3 speed modes: Eco at 18KM/h, normal at 30KM/h and Sports at 45KM/h. It should be noted that it is quite fast and smooth when accelerating, so we do not question its power.

With one of the highest top speeds for a scooter in this power range, the Engwe S6 is a solid choice.

ENGWE S6 - Engine

In addition to being powerful, the ENGWE S6 is an extremely comfortable scooter and we can thank the triple damping system. Going into details, it has front, rear and seat tube suspension, as if that were not enough, there is spring damping under the seat, so we could say that there are 4 elements that contribute to making rides smooth.

That said, the front fork doesn’t seem very high quality, it uses entry-level parts and it shows. For its part, the rear suspension – which is a push rod – is quite effective in its work. This one does not exhibit any flex and appears to be of high quality.

Suspension engwe s6

Thanks to this combination of factors and the off-road tires the ENGWE S6 is shaping up to be a viable option for both urban and rustic roads, such as wooded and dirt trails, but it is obviously not up to the truly difficult terrain.

With that in mind, to stop safely the scooter has the typical mechanical disc brakes that permeate the basic range, but its performance is acceptable given the price.


The ENGWE S6 is powered by a 48V/15.6 AH battery that theoretically promises us distances of up to 60 kilometers, but as always, this is a somewhat inflated figure and contemplated around ideal conditions, such as a low weight and flat ground. we can realistically expect 32 kilometers of travel at full speed and with a payload of 80 kilograms, which is still a reasonable figure for a scooter at this price point.

With all that said, The recharge lasts to complete around 6 or 8 hours, so we will have to be patient with the battery of this e-scooter. It is worth mentioning that the scooter requires a starter key to start the engine, something that adds a little extra layer of security to the matter.


Availability and price of the ENGWE S6



  • Excellent value for money
  • Triple cushioning system for maximum comfort
  • Good electrical range
  • foldable design
  • off-road tires




  • The front suspension is not of very good quality.
  • mechanical brakes
  • It’s a bit heavy


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