Jobobike Reviews

by David Renier on December 11, 2023

Jobobike Reviews

Why Choose JOBOBIKE?

No matter where you are and where you’re heading, our bikes fit your lifestyle. City or countryside, flat or rocky roads, our bike will get you there. Moreover, our lifetime customer service is always with you.

JOBOBIKE has been present in the e-bike market for two decades. We have been producing bikes for well-known worldwide clients’ brands. Helping others to succeed has resulted in our own success. Today, we are one of the leading companies in the electric bike industry. After many years of hard work, it's time to shift our identity: from being an “E-bike supplier” to becoming a ”JOBOBIKE”. The knowledge we have gathered allows us to create distinctive electric bikes that are built to suit the modern lifestyle. We offer an incredible biking experience, ensuring competitive prices. We have a variety of E-bikes, there's always one for you.


The Company


We have a huge experience in manufacturing. In two decades, JOBO became one of the leading companies in electric bike production. Our bikes have been sold to over 80 countries. Over the years, JOBO has been kindly addressed by our clients as their most trustworthy supplier. We know the riders' needs. We know how to choose the best suppliers and materials to deliver the bike which can stand out on the market.


Jobobike Reviews



Our Frame Factory


The e-bike frame is the most critical component of the bike, one false step will make a great difference. That’s why we take special care of this stage of production. Our bike frames are designed by our experienced team to optimize production efficiency and ensure the best quality. We are so confident in the work of our factory that we offer you a lifetime frame warranty.


Jobobike Reviews



Professional R&D Team


Our amazing R&D team is able to carry out a new bike design in one month. The whole process includes conceptual planning, coloring, 3D construction modeling, proofing and testing with our advanced simulation test machine. JOBOBIKE R & D team would never stop developing new models of E-bikes! They know everything about cycling since they spend many hours riding it daily.


Jobobike Reviews



Our Products


Our bikes meet the standard of EN15194 (2017). This European standard applies to EPAC bicycles. Models from JOBOBIKE have got test certification from TUV, the certificates represent third-party endorsement by a globally renowned organization. TUV certificates are recognized and respected as a trust symbol of quality, safety and sustainability.


Jobobike Reviews



There are many advantages of riding an e-bike, not only saving money and keeping healthy for you, but also protecting the environment for our earth. E-bikes can fit seamlessly into your everyday life. They can be used to help you run errands, commute to work, and enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, or skiing. They can also enhance your health and increase the fun of family outings. In short, they’re a fun, easy way to go outside and do more of what you love.

Electric bikes also have commercial uses for companies. JOBOBIKE has the service for company rental, if you are interested, feel free to contact us at